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Chasing Rainbows NYC
By: Hermi Hanlin
Genre: Thriller
Keywords: Killed in Central Park, Newlywed Murdered, Searching for Love, Boyfriends

Ariella, a young, vibrant woman, is shot dead in Central Park.

Ariella, a young, vibrant woman, is shot dead in Central Park. The investigation threatens to go cold, when an unexpected lead points to her killer and to the surprising reason for her murder.

Ariella is a struggling writer whose only published works are two short stories. Though she won awards for the two pieces, she is still looking and working on \"The Book.\" She meets Jesse, a Wall Street executive, in writing class. Their relationship grows stormy because he\'s married.

In and out of her life, Ariella\'s former lover Gael appears. Gael is always looking to \"make it big\" using other people\'s money. Eventually. Ariella decides to settle down. She meets a wonderful man named Gusti, whom she marries. Two years into a great marriage, Ariella is killed in Central Park. Who did it?

About the Author: Eve Wing grew up in Vienna, Austria, and was sent to live in Nottingham, England, during World War II. She was repatriated back to Vienna, where she married an American who brought her to the States fifty years ago. Long retired from the movie and music business, she now teaches bridge.

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HardcoverBook price: 30.50

ISBN: 9781948260022

Book Details
Release Year: 2018
# Pages: 248
Word Count: 65223
Grade Reading Level: GLAD
Publisher: SBPRA

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